Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Quiet Afternoon @ Mandai Track 15

Very well-camouflaged and blended impeccably with its habitat, this skittish Common Evening Brown (Melanitis leda leda) was photographed at a undergrowth of a forest trail on a windy and dry Saturday afternoon (9 Feb).
At the training shed where skippers were commonly sighted, I noticed this Potanthus feeding on Bidens flowers. 
A colony of lycaenids was actively flitting along a section of the biking trail. This lucky shot was the result of my curiosity of  knowing what species it was - surprisingly, it was the Silver-Forget-Me-Not (Catochrysops panomus exiguus). 
Another super active small butterfly was teasing me for a long period of time. At last, this Blue Brownie (Miletus symethus petronius) presented me with a tilted perch underneath a leaf at my knee level - what a "torturing" perch for me to shoot. 
Due to other commitment in the early evening, I didn't venture very deep into the forest. While looping back to the starting point using another trail, I bumped into a small colony of Arhopala species - this is Arhopala major major.  I suspected there was another species flitting around. 

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