Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fung Yuen Again on 27 Feb 2016

The weather on 27 Feb was good enough for a butterfly-shooting outing for me. So I met up with Ivy and Shan in the late morning at Fung Yuen, Tai Po.

The queue at the 16-seater mini-bus 20P stop at Tai Po was so long  that I had to wait for the third bus. Arriving at Fung Yuen at 11 plus, I was shock to see a big group of photographers was already there - I was told that they were waiting to shoot a relatively rare Awl.

There were two Common Jester (Symbrenthia lilaea) frolicking and feeding amongst the Bidens flowers.
I guess the Papilio paris must be a common species as very few photographers showed an interest in shooting this guy - or was it too difficult to shoot as it kept changing perches and fluttering its wings at high speeds.

The highlight of the day must be the Indian Awl King (Choaspes benjaminii). It loved the white flowers of  the citrus shrubs. This was one of my shots while I was standing  in a big group of photographers.
I think Shan and I were very lucky to notice the Awl was feeding on the same kind  of citric shrub flowers, just a few meters away from where we were standing. As usual,  it was rather alert and skittish,  giving us  just a few seconds to snap some instinctive shots.  
Walking towards the location where the Awl seemed to like to visit, I bumped into this brown skipper - it is the Notocrypta curvifascia. 

From far, I saw someone shooting a Yellow butterfly. When I approached closer, I noticed this Eurema blanda was taking its afternoon nap.
It seemed that at the moment Fung Yuen offers the best chance to spot shots for butterfly photographers.