Sunday, November 15, 2015

Butterflies of Chiang Mai Province, Part 3 (Nymphalid)

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There were not many different species butterflies from the Nymphalidae family at the Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. Let me begin with those species that we can find in Singapore.

The Rustic (Cupha erymanthis lotis) is a very sensitive and skittish butterfly that I usually could not get a decent shot.  I got a good chance to take some shots when this guy was wandering and feeding on the ground.
Of course, when it presented its uppersides to me, I would not hesitate to take some shots.
A very well-spread species, the Indian Red Admiral (Vanessa indica indica) is quite a beautiful nymphalid. We did encounter it a few times some years ago in Singapore.
 It had a tendency to open its wings while it was on the ground - so I had to wait patiently to take this underside shot.
The iridescence of the blue upper sides of the Indian Purple Emperor (Mimathyma ambica miranda) was beautiful if we shot it from a certain angle.   
I noticed that it was abundant in September and October in Chiang Mai.
The Jezebel Palmfly (Elymnias vasudeva burmensis) appeared on the first two days when we were at the Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. My first sighting of this species, so I was chasing it for a while before I could get some shots. 
This  Red Lacewing (Cethosia biblis biblis) was quite skittish, flitting around along a tarred road at a higher altitude of  Doi Chiang Dao.
I was lucky to capture its undersides.
I have never seen a Black Rajah (Charaxes solon) in Singapore. Here in Chiang Dao, a different subspecies, sulphurues seemed to be quite common.
There was a couple of Common Map (Cyrestis thyodamas thyodamas) in the late afternoon at Chiang Dao.
Getting its underside shot was more challenging as it kept flapping its wings.
I found that Maplet is notoriously skittish and difficult to shoot, especially the undersides. This Intermediate Maplet (Chersonesia intermedia intermedia) was teasing me on the ground for a while before I could manage some instinctive shots.

A look-alike species, this looks like a Common Maplet (Chersonesia risa risa) had a short perch on a leaf surface.
The Eastern Courtier (Sephisa chandra chandra) is a beautiful butterfly and it was quite common during the month of October. This was shot on a bridge at Doi Pha Hom Pok.
At the entrance to a forest trail at Doi Pha Hom Pok, a Blue-striped Palmfly (Elymnias patna patnoides) was on the ground for a long time, giving us some time to take a few shots.l
This Lavender Count (Cynitia cocytus cocytus) greeted me when we just arrived at the Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary in the morning of 28 Sept.
Butterflies feeding on flowers always drew the attention of a photographer. Here, a Common Jester (Symbrenthia lilaea lilaea) was seen visiting some Bidens flowers.

To be continued.