Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some Butterflies@Lower Peirce Reservoir Park

After an early lunch at the Casuarina Road Prata shop on a Saturday (25 Jan) morning, my plan of heading to Upper Seleter Reservoir Park was dashed by the bad service of  bus 138 (two buses refused to stop for me). I decided to drop by Lower Peirce Reservoir Park for my weekly butterfly photography outing.

This damselfly showing an elegant perch on some leaves was spotted at a quiet corner of the reservoir edge.  I have no idea what species this is.
Strolling leisurely on the boardwalk, I noticed a Burmese Lascar (Lasippa heliodore dorelia) sailing and gliding past me. When it settled down, I managed to snap a quick shot.
A skipper was zipping around with high speeds. But on a very quiet day, I decided to wait and observe carefully where it would stop at. I was lucky to be able to spot it again and take a few quick shots. This brown skipper turned out to be the Pugnacious Lancer (Pemara pugnans).
A rather pristine male Archduke (Lexias pardalis dirteana) gave me an opportunity to increase my camera's shutter count - my last shot of the day.

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