Friday, February 14, 2014

Visiting Mount Faber Park Again - After A Long Time

It has been more than 2 years since my last visit to Mount Faber Park. On 18 Jan, after an early lunch at Seam Im Food Centre, it was only sensible for me to walk leisurely up to the Mount Faber Park via Marang Trail.

Only some hikers walked past me on a rather quiet morning along the trail. For a long period of time, I was alone hunting for critters. At last, a small orange skipper rested on a leaf of the Hairy Clidemia. It looks like a Lesser Dart (Potanthus omaha omaha).
I was loitering around the Merlion statue amongst many tourists, not shooting anything but enjoying the cold breeze, the panoramic view of the sea and the southern islands afar. Finally, this male Great Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina bolina) succumbed to the cooling effect of the breeze and  hid beneath a leaf.
Along my way to a rather secluded high ground where some of us liked to station there during our many past outings, I bumped into this skittish female Malayan Plum Judy (Abisara saturata kausambiodes).   
I spent more than 30 minutes resting and waiting for butterflies to appear at this particular spot. My first visitor was this Large Dart (Potanthus sarina) which landed on some ferns.
A female Scarlet Flash (Rapala dieneces dieneces)  was changing her perch frequently. With some luck and patience, I finally managed to snap a few instinctive shots.
It seems that the Transparent Six-line Blue (Nacaduba kurava nemana) is a permanent resident of the Mount Faber Park.
Luck and being observant usually play a big part in spotting small butterflies especially skippers in the Coeliadinae subfamily as they have the habit of hiding under foliage. This cute and chubby-looking Orange Awlet (Burara harisa consobrina) was spotted taking a short nap along the Marang Trail while I came down from the hill top.  

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