Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arhopala Lycaenids of Langkawi

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It has always been a "big headache" for me to identify Arhopala species as they are too many look-alikes and the differences between them are just too subtle and insignificant to be distinguished from each others based on photographs. 

I encountered very few tailless Arhopalas in this trip. This is the only decent shot of the Arhopala moolaiana maya.
Thanks to CH for spotting this rather unique Arhopala ijanensis. Stepping on the rocks in the stream, I managed to take a quick shot of this interesting-looking species.
You can see that the markings of the Arhopala democritus democritus  are distinctively different from other Arhopala species.  

At the end of the forest trail at Lubuk Semilang where the waterfall is, there were quite a number of Arhopala species flitting around - but most of them were very alert and sensitive to flash. This is Arhopala alitaeus mirabella.
The Arhopala aedias agnis (Large Metallic Oakblue) seemed to be common at one particular spot along the forest trail where I also shot it last year. (I realise that picture that I saw in Blogspot is very different - brighter and nosier, why ?)
I didn't manage to get a shot of the Arhopala perimuta regina last year - I saw two different specimen this year.
Another specimen that I shot on the 8 Dec in a shade near the waterfall.
This is the Arhopala lurida "hopping" around along the forest trail.
It appeared to be abundant this time - here are a few specimen.
Finally, I want to thanks Dr Seow for identifying and confirming many of the species that I shot in Langkawi.

Wishing all readers of the blog a fruitful and healthy 2014 ahead.

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