Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Few Other Critters in Langkawi

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Apart from the many butterflies that I have featured in my last few posts, I was also attracted to some other critters especially when they presented good shooting opportunities for me. This white moth (I have no idea of what the species is) was abundant at Lubuk Semilang.
The way it perched on a twig allowed me to photograph its undersides as well.
I guessed this was its pupa
A "armour-clad" critter was found on a fallen tree trunk - it looks like a larva of  a kind of Trilobite beetle.  
I can't remember if I have seen this beautiful red bug - its prominent perch on a leaf attracted by attention. 
There were many  Flashwing dragonflies (Vestalis sp) found along the forest trail at Lubuh Semilang.
I saw a critter flying past me and landing on a stem.
I went closer and took some shots - I guess this is a kind of planthopper.
A spider stayed very still on a leaf - waiting for its prey to come close to its striking distance. 
This moth larva was wriggling on the leaf aimlessly - it might be looking for the correct plant.
This long-legged, small but brilliantly coloured insect was new to me - this is a kind of fly I guess.  
As I focused a lot more on butterfly species in this trip, I believe I have missed many interesting critters. I may visit Langkawi again at the end of this year to discover and photography its rich flora and fauna.A Few 

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