Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Butterflies of Langkawi Part 2

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The Banded Peacock (Papailio palinurus palinurus) is a gorgeous and beautiful papilionid. I shot this at Telaga Tujuh when it was taking a short rest on a leaf. But what a pity, a tail was gone.
It was generally quiet at Telaga Tujuh. A rather pristine Common Imperial (Cheritra freja freja) refused to come down from the tree top no matter how I "disturbed" it.
The weather on 10 Dec was no good. While  CH, Mr Neo and I were having our lunch in a shelter at Lubuk Semilang, a large butterfly showing patches of iridescent blue  flying past us and rested across a stream. I followed suit and took a long-distance shot to find out what it was. I think this is the Amathuxidia amythaon dilucida.
I missed a few times shooting a rather small lycaenid. With patience, I finally shot an Allotinus substrigosus subtrigosus along a forest trail at Lubuk Semilang on 10 Dec.
The waterfall at the end of the forest trail was a popular picnic area for the locals. I sat on a rock enjoying the cooling breeze and watching some kids frolicking in the water. A hopping brown butterfly caught my eye - this is the Coelites epiminthia epiminthia (The Straight-banded Catseye).
This species usually is skittish and likes to hop around on the forest floor. I kept chasing it and got another shot.
 The Malay Yeoman (Cirrichroa emalea emalea) was plentiful along the main forest at Lubuk Semilang.
At the "base camp" of Lubuk Semilang, I saw a few Dark Posies (Drupadia theda renonga).
There is an open grass patch at the other end of the  forest trail  - a Knight (Lebadea martha martha) was found on a nice perch for me to take a few shots.
We went to Kisap on 11 Dec with the hope of hunting down the Yellow Pansy but we had no luck at all. However, we did get some shots. This Pschye is of a different subspecices (Leptosia nina nina) so I took a shot of it.
A Clubsilverline (Spindasis syama terana) was alerted by  Mr Neo. CH found it perching on a grass blade.
There were at least two Common Pierrots (Castalius rosimon rosimon) "dog-fighting" on a grass patch. At last one of them rested on a blade of grass for quite awhile.
Browns are hard to identified correctly - this is likely to be a Mycalesis perseoides .
I think this might be a Mycalesis perseus cepheus found at Kisap. 
A Common Four-ring (Ypthima huebneri) was sunbathing in the morning sun along a slip road at Kisap.
On the last day at Lubuk Semilang, CH and I stayed at the waterfall areas. This is a Papilio nephelus annulus which was circling round the area and came down to puddle occasionally.
It had a tendency to look for a  perch with wings open after it puddled for awhile.
This year we spent more time prowling the forest trail at Lubuk Semilang as the number of puddling butterflies was significantly lesser. 

To be continued.

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