Saturday, September 29, 2012

My First Visit to the Labrador Park

Two Saturdays ago (15 Sept), I accompanied my wife to the LG Service Centre to redeem a gift voucher. After which I dropped by at the Labrador Park - my first visit there. Since 2002, this coastal park has been  gazetted as a nature reserve. Today, the Labrador Park includes the original coastal cliff site used by the British colonial rulers as one of their artillery forts equipped with military installations to defend Singapore waters in the 19th century.  

A slow 15-minute walk along Labrador Villa Road led  me to the entrance of the park. The moment I entered the park, the loud and prominent cicada songs filled the whole ambiance. Indeed, I could easily find at least half a dozen cicada pupal cases like this on various foliage.
This female Malayan Plum Judy (Abisara saturata kausambioides) was flitting around her larva host plant - Ardisia elliptica near a children playground.
There were not many visitors in the park and fauna activities were rather low as well. However, two skittish lycaenids, a Common Tit (Hypolycaena erylus teatus) and a Common Imperial (Cheritra freja frigga) though not in their best conditions, got me busy for a while. 
A small spider stayed very still in its webs.
Apart from bunkers, underground tunnels and some very tall and old trees in the secondary forest, modern facilities and many plants and flowers are added to the park to make it attractive for the public.
More than an hour of strolling in the park, going up and down the slopes a few times seemed to make me hungry earlier. I headed towards the entrance.Two photographers caught my attention as they were so engrossed in shooting something that I could not see from far. I went closer and got a shot - a small robber fly.

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