Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Rare Awl at USR

Thanks Khew for giving me a lift to Upper Seletar Reservoir Park on a nice Sunday morning (20 Aug). My first sighting of a butterfly was this Yellow Banded Awl (Hasora schoenherr chuza), resting on a leaf surface initially.

It was zipping around behind the toilet - perching on the brick wall and on the ground occasionally. It really created a lot of excitement while we were chasing it relentlessly in search of a perfect shot of this rarity. 
Most of my previous few sightings of this rarity was when it was hiding underneath a leaf. We were very lucky to encounter this rather pristine individual being attracted to the cement pointing on the brick walld for quite a while. 
Further away from the toilet, a small spider was building its webs. 
It hurried to a leaf surface when it experienced a slight disturbance. 
I saw this Green Crested Lizard ( Bronchocela cristatella) coming down from a tree, stopping at the road side for a few seconds. But I wonder why its head portion is not green.
A rather uncooperative Aberrant Oakblue (Arhopala abseus abseus) was playing hide-and-seek with me along a shady trail.  

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