Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Few Butterflies at USR

I dropped by Upper Seleter Reservoir (USR) Park on a fine Saturday morning (1st September). It was a quiet morning. I didn't have any shots until I saw a female Autumn Leaf (Doleschallia bisaltide bisaltide) loitering around its larval host plant. I was presented with a short moment for snapping a few quick shots of her beautiful uppersides when she was flapping her wings. 
The Tailed Jay (Graphium agamemnon agamemnon) is strong on the wings and it is not common to find one resting on a leaf at low level. It was rather tame for a few seconds, allowing me to approach it closer.     
I saw a few Blues flitting along the forest trails. There were rather active and never stayed still for me to take a proper shot. This instinctive shot looks like a Jewel Fourline Blue (Nacaduba sanaya elioti)
Another individual was fluttering non-stop along another forest trail. A long-distance shot showed that it  looks like the Jewel Fourline Blue again.   Here is an Arhopala species taken from afar

This rather large Arhopala species was found along a row of shrubs in front of the shelters. Closely resembling a Vinous Oakblue (Arhopala athada athada), it was rather alert and refused to let me get  closer to it.  

This brown skipper is The Small Branded Swift (Pelopidas mathias mathias) - my only skipper shot  during this short outing.
I guess the underground sewage pipes were choked at one particular location. Smelly underground water was seen flowing out, "flooding" a portion of the grass patch. No wonder, some butterflies were attracted to puddle there. I hope Nparks or NEA would examine the situation closely. 

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