Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Quiet Morning in the Forest

The weather was not ideal for an outing on 19 May but I still went for a late morning walk along a forest trail in the Central Catchment area beside the Old Upper Thomson Road. Besides some occasional high pitch  "songs" made by birds which were out of my sight, there wasn't anything worth  photographing. The only  highlight of the morning happened at the end of the trail where a couple of  Malayan Lascars (Lasippa tiga siaka) sailing and gliding along the trail. They were very skittish so getting a shot like this required luck and patience.  
They liked chasing each other. At times, one of them would brake away from the more aggressive bugger and opt for a short perch. This specimen seemed to like this particular leaf very much. 
It stayed on the leaf  for a while, showing different postures.
Here is another shot when it stretched out its wings fully. 
On my way out at the entrance to the trail, I noticed a brown skipper perching in the shade. It looks like   the Polytremis lubricans lubricans (Contiguous Swift) - a rather common skipper in our nature reserve. 

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