Sunday, June 17, 2012

Butterflies of Panti Forest Part 2

I did't encounter many skippers in this trip. This is a Sumatran Bob (Arnetta verones) resting quite tamely and enjoying a quiet moment away from all the puddlling butterflies.  
A Forest Hopper (Astictopteru jama jama ) was nearby as well, taking a short nap under a big tree.
The only Arhopala shot in this trip was a tailless species with blue uppersides, identified by Dr Seow as Arhopala epimuta epiala.. It appeared outside the base camp in the late afternoon.  
Another shot from a new perch.
This Malay Staff Sergeant (Athyma reta moorei ) was photographed while it was attempting to puddle on the main track. It fluttered off hurriedly when I approached closer.
In the late afternoon, at the base camp CH spotted another individual feeding on a leaf surface.
While flapping its wings, I went lower to snap its underside.
I didn't know when this Fluffy Tit (Zeltus amasa maximinianus) came down to puddle on this specially prepared and clean sandy ground. 
A more pristine Great Assyrian (Terinos atlita teuthras ) was sighted "testing" the ground and puddling along the main dirt track.
This Five bar Swordtail (Pathysa antiphates itamputi) found a damp sandy spot.  
Blue Jay (Graphium evemon eventus) was rather common there.
There were at least a couple of  Malay Punchinello (Zemeros emesoides emesoides ) loitering around on a particular patch of bushes at the base camp. I did't have luck to snap a frontal shot - how I wish the perch of this pristine specimen  were lower at my eye level.  
In the late afternoon, a Banded Yeoman (Cirrochroa orissa orissa) appeared and it kept flapping its wings while sipping the moisture on the plastic bag.
The conditions at the "base camp" seem deteriorating over the years. A dwindling number of butterflies and insect species that I noticed, the loss of vegetation and the messing-up the forest ground with all sorts of waste by inconsiderate campers should warrant concerns for nature lovers.   

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