Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Quiet Outing at USR

2 June again wasn't a hot Saturday. I went to Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR) Park again to test if I would be lucky enough to catch a long-tailed "Plane"- The Plane butterfly.

Just next to the carpark, I noticed from afar, a rather familiar butterfly fluttering along a drain. I approached it  quickly and snapped a few shots just before it scooted off - it was a rather pristine female Horsfield's Baron  (Tanaecia iapis puseda).
Some orange skippers liked to hang around a grass patch behind a children playground. These two look  like Pothanthus omaha. 
An upperside shot may be useful for identifying the species.
While walking towards the Ixora bushes,I noticed a lycaenid flitting around exposing its intense blue iridescence - it was a  Flos apidanus saturatus (The Plain Plushblue), the commonest of the four Flos species in Singapore.   
It fluttered around from leaf to leaf. Another perch with a chubby look was shot at a close range. 
 My first sighting of this moth-like planthopper (?)  feeding on a leaf surface. 

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  1. Ricaniidae ?