Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From Belukar Track To Lornie Trail Part 2

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Finally I reached the Rifle Range Link Trail. Immediately, I saw a female Commander (Moduza procris milonia ) checking on a big leaf - a Timonius species. She "waddled" on the leaf surface and reversed to the tip and stayed there for a moment - yes, a rather unique behaviour of laying eggs. 
A tiny egg was laid at the tip.
I could see a prominent reddish-orange butterfly flitting just above the ground level from far. Un-mistakenly, it was a Malayan Sunbeam (Curetis santana malayica).
In fact there were two of them; another individual was taking a short rest on a leaf.
It was a rather quiet morning along the forest trail until I reached Golf Link boardwalk where I met two butterflies - one was Arhopala major major.
The other one looked like a Miletus symethus petronius on a high perch.
Finally, I reached my favourite spot along Lornie Trail in the early afternoon but I didn't see many butterflies. For one moment, I thought I had shot a new species - no, this is just a Common Line Blue (Prosotas nora superdates)  without the tails. 
It was a long but an easy walk which took me more than 4 hours to complete. Though I didn't get to take many photographs, I was happy with all the shots I posted here.  

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