Sunday, January 26, 2014

My First Outing in 2014

This might be my last visit (on 4 Jan) to Bukit Brown as rows of green zinc hoardings have been erected. Very soon the greenery and some tombstones at this tranquil and quiet cemetery ground will be lost. While strolling alone without a definite location in mind, I noticed a a male Cruiser (Vindula dejone erotella)  hovering around some horse dung on a tarred road not too far from the main gate.
I went to the spot where I found the Banded Lineblue (Prosotas lutea sivoca). Apparently, some maintenance work had been carried out and the host plants of the Banded Lineblue had been cleared also. I stayed there for quite sometime, hopping to find if the Banded Lineblue was still around - it is not difficult to deduce the answer. 

Instead, two small orange skippers kept me busy for a while. This is a Yellow Grass Dart (Taractrocera archias quinta).
I guess this small skipper is the Pothanthus ganda - it  was not as cooperative as the Yellow Grass Dart. 
I explored one of the forested trails and was rewarded with some shots of a not-so-common skipper - The Common Redeye (Matapa aria).
A small but beautiful net-winged beetle caught my attention while it was roaming on a blade of grass. 
Knowing that nobody will be able to repeat the 2 km route that I had walked in Bukit Brown, I hope this map which tracked my movement will remind me of  how I roamed around and explored Bukit Brown.


  1. It is sad to hear that the cemetery will soon be gone, along with all of the butterflies. I presume that housing or businesses will now be built in that area?

  2. A new road will be built soon to ease traffic congestion alone Lornie Road
    The area is slated for future housing development.