Friday, June 3, 2011

Lornie Trail Part 2

Continue from my last post .

I usually check out the reservoir edge whenever I take a slow walk on this particular trail as this is the spot where I may find many different dragonflies - though mostly common species, I always hope to encounter surprises.

I have seen all three different Rhyothemis species at this location. This Rhyothemis phyllis is a common dragonfly but getting a good close-up shot of this beauty is never easy.
This is a male Rhyothemis obsolescens. According to Tang's book, it is uncommon. I took a quick shot of this guy before the wings were depressed.
This all red dragonfly with two black spots on the dorsum of the last two abdominal segments looks like a male Urothemis signata insignata - quite abundant on Vesak Day.
A mating pair of Orthetrum chrysis was spotted at the ground level. I was wrong to assume that they would be tame while they were doing their "business" - any slight movement would disturb them into a hasty flight.
This is a small green-eyed dragonfly Chalybeothemis fluviatilis (Green-eyed Percher). I could not get closer to as it perched far from the edge of the pond.
This elegantly perched dragonfly with a light blue abdomen looks like Aethriamanta gracilis.
Finally, I saw this small moth resting on the underside of a leaf, it didn't look attractive to me - its beauty was revealed only when I looked at the viewfinder.

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