Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dairy Farm Park To The Summit On 28 May

Our last "training session" on a cloudy Sunday morning (28 May) before we head to Ermei Mountain did not give me many shooting chances. But I was happy to see some "new" critters that I didn't see during my last few trips to the submit.

This butterfly is common. If you observe carefully, it may be just perching in front of you. This Branded Imperial (Eooxylides tharis distanti ) was shot on our ascent to the summit on a rather cloudy morning.
This rather small green tiger beetle was seen moving on a leaf surface, apparently with its prey in its mouth. Its side-view shot is prettier than the top view.
A well-camouflaged forest damselfly, Malayan Grisette (Devadatta argyoides ) was found near the ground, perching with wings folded above its body.
My first sighting of an Abisara geza niya along the trail got me quite excited about it. But this guy was just too skittish, alert and full of energy. This is the the best environmental shot taken from a distance after at least 15 mins of chasing and stalking on steep stairs.
I really had a hard time getting a proper shot - apart from going up and down the stairs, when it was closer to me, it never stayed still and kept turning and flitting around. Here is one of those instinctive rapid shots - at least I captured the beauty of the green eyes.
It was drizzling when we reached the submit - surprisingly unusual as there were very few people there. We came down along the shortest path to carpark B before the rain got heavier. I should be on Ermei Mountain when this post goes on-line on 8 June.

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