Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Fruitful Outing To Pulau Ubin Part 2

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We used to see a few Euploea species and Lycaenids at the coconut plantation at the junction of the Sensory Trail and Jalan Ubin - but not now anymore.

Instead, we encountered a solitary Common Sailor (Neptis hylas papaja) teasing us - but it only allowed me to take a long-distance shot.
Who can ignore the beauty of the Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya wallacei) ? Certainly not me - I had to stalk him for a while before I could get a shot.
Psyche (Leptosia nina malayana) likes to flutter at the ground level most of the time without stopping. I was lucky to see one very hungry Psyche feeding on the white Asystasia flowers - what a dangerous way of feeding,
Not far away from the beach where a newly walking path was created, I spotted this Dark Tit (Hypolycaena thecloides thecloides) perching on a sunlit spot.
KY and I decided to walk towards the starting point. Some Lantana flowers attracted a male Great Mormon (Papilio memnon agenor). I was rather surprised by his ability to fly quite well despite losing most of his left hindwing.
Shortly after shooting this pathetic Great Mormon, I heard KY calling Yellow Glassy Tiger - yes, when in flight it looked like one fluttering past us - my first impression was it didn't fly like a typical Glassy Tiger. Fortunately, it perched on a leaf but rather high up - this was my first record shot of this Yellow-Glassy-Tiger-mimic.
When she perched again on a leaf surface, I approached closer and from the viewfinder, I realised that this wasn't a Yellow Glassy Tiger - but I could not tell what it was. While KY was keeping an eye on the butterfly, I rushed to show Khew what I had just shot. He immediately identified this a female Wanderer (Pareronia valeria lutescens) - another re-discovery species (BC's blog write-up here) - what an exciting moment ! Incidentally, Simon also shot something new at the vicinity of the Wanderer.
We found a female Knight (Lebadea martha parkeri) attempting to oviposit her eggs on an Ixora shrub along the Sensory Trail.
Common Palmfly (Elymnias hypermnestra agina) is a common butterfly we can find in the parks, gardens and forest fringes easily. However, getting a good shot of this usually skittish and alert butterfly is always a challenge.
My last shot of the day was this female Baron (Euthalia aconthea gurda). She was seen flitting at the ground level. While she was taking a shot rest on a dry leaf just next to me, I instinctively snapped a quick shot.
I don't know what bug this is but it definitely looked interesting to me. This cooperative black and small-headed critter with a pair of long antennae offered me a green background for this shot.
It was a very fruitful outing for us - apart from the excitement of discovering and recording two new butterfly species on one day, we had lots of fun and enjoyed a nice meal together. Pulau Ubin definitely has lots of potential for nature lovers and conservationists to explore and discover new floral and fauna species.-Remember, if we lose the natural habitat of Ubin, we lose more than just biodiversity.

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