Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flowering Syzygium Trees @ Pasir Ris Park

My original plan was to visit the "Spa" in Sime Forest with Chern Hern. But our "intelligence network' informed Chern Hern that the flowering Syzygium trees at Pasir Ris Park (PRP) attracted quite a number of Crows. So we ended up at PRP instead. Thanks Chern Hern for giving me a lift there and back.

At least three King Crows (Euploea phaenareta castelnaui) were feeding on the flowers but they were most of the time high up on the tree. Occasionally, when they came down we quickly snapped a few shots. This Spotted Black Crow (Euploea crameri bremeri ) kept teasing us by feeding on flowers within our shooting range but it was just too impatient for us to take a better shot. Another Crow came to join in the fun but stayed high up most of the time, Striped Blue Crow (Euploea mulciber mulciber) seems common at PRP and Ubin.

Blue Glassy Tiger (Ideopsis vulgaris macrina) is another common species at PRP but I have yet to locate its host plant - I guess it is a vine along the boardwalk.
Getting an open-winged shot needs luck, patience and an instinctive reaction - snapping at the the right time and the right moment.
Along the boardwalk, I spotted this pristine Copper Flash (Rapala pheretima sequeira).
A pair of mating Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) was not far away from the Copper Flash - they stayed at this position for a long time. In fact, we saw lots of pupae on a mangrove plant two weeks ago.
This ground creeper Commelina diffusa ( Family : Commelinaceae) looks like a grass species. Its small and cute blue flowers are rather attractive especially under the macro lens. I saw a bunch of pretty purplish-blue flowers just opposite the flowering trees - what is this ?


  1. The tree w/the pretty lavendar/purple flowers is from Brazil - and in the Pea Family: Clitoria fairchildiana - named I think for David Fairchild, the founder of Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami, Florida USA.

  2. Thanks Mike
    The id is useful for me.