Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Bob Couple @ Toa Payoh Town Park

Again, due to a commitment in the early afternoon on 12 March, I could not venture far for my usual weekend outing. I had no better choice except strolling at Toa Payoh Town Park again.

What a big contrast to my last visit (see here), the number of fauna species was a lot lesser this time. I was quite puzzled. If not for this intimate pair of Chestnut Bob (Iambrix salsala salsala ) I would have got nothing to blog about.
They stayed rather still on the leaf, giving me good chances of taking more shots from different angles.
I realised that when they were in the shade, they were very sensitive to camera flash light and reacted quite violently.
Somehow I did have a lucky moment when I managed to capture them before or perhaps after they have reacted.
Before I went to the pond area, I saw this black wasp resting on a leaf. John believes that it may be an Allorhynchium species and looks like A. argentatum.
At the pond, I didn't get to see many dragonflies as well. At last, one beautiful damselfly Ceriagrion cerinorubellum appeared and I decided to take a close-up top view shot of the head and eyes.
Finally, a female dragonfly perched on a leaf, waiting patiently for me to take a few shots.

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