Sunday, January 25, 2009

From Telok Blangah Hill Park to MF Park

On the second last day of the Year of the Rat, a sunny Saturday (24 Jan 09), I went on a solo outing trip to Telok Blangah Hill Park (TBHP).

Telok Blangah Hill Park was once a very quiet urban park even on weekends. However with the completion of the Southern Ridges Project in May 2008, there are a lot people passing by the park these days.

This Park has always been one of my important hunting grounds for butterflies. ButterflyCircle members have found and shot quite a few rare butterflies here.

My first quick shot of the day was this Potanthus species . It looks like a Potanthus omaha omaha (Lesser Dart), just before opening its wings for sunbathing. My focus today was to look out for rare butterflies so I didn't bother much about the common species. However, this shade-loving Spalgis epius epius (Apefly) kept teasing me so I decided to get a few shots when it was resting at a low level A Caltoris like species zipped past me a few times. On one occasion, it landed in a shade offering me a few seconds to snap a quick shot. Most of the time I was walking up and down, looking high and low but shooting nothing - a very quiet day especially in terms of butterfly activities. Anyway I am quite used to this situation these days.

Some insects were visiting these Mikania micrantha (mile-a-minute) flowers. Is this a fly or bee ?
Is this a wasp or a bee ? (Ok, John has identified it as a Scoliid wasp, possibly a Campsomeris species, thanks). Today, I didn't have much patience to chase these insects for better shots.
This long-legged insect looks like an assassin bug. Not very satisfied with what I have seen and shot at TBHP, I decided trying my luck at Mount Faber Park. It was just a short walk via the Handerson Waves bridge.

The moment I reached the other end of the bridge, some flowering Leea indica trees caught my attention. The small white flowers attracted some butterflies.

There were quite a few of this Megisba malaya sikkima (The Malayan). This small Lycanide is about the size of a 5-cent coin. Usually I spotted this species in shady bushes. This Yellow looks like a Eurema sari sodalis (Chocolate Grass Yellow). It must have gone through some hard time as the markings on the wings were so faded.
The highlight of the day must be this Burara harisa consobrina (Orange Awlet) belonging to the Coeliadinae subfamily). Very "chubby" looking orange skipper that loves to rest underneath the leaf. It was a long outing but I didn't see and shoot much. Hope I have better luck next time when I visit TBHP again.

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