Friday, January 16, 2009

The Beauty of Wildness @Punggol

This plot of grassland was mostly covered with overgrown Lalang (Imperata cylindrica). Not many people see this a natural beauty - a beauty of wildness. However, if we pay attention to this habitat with an open mind and keen eyes, we can actually find lots of fascinating and amazing little wildlife.
Standing amid these tall Lalang grass, looking at the greenery in the far horizon and listening to the sound of music played by the wind and the dancing Lalang, I feel this setting somehow has a soothing effect on a person's heart.

Ok, back to where I stood, I was distracted by a little red dot a few metres infront of me.
This attractive and tiny beetle was busy foraging for aphids or perhaps other source of food on the feather-like fruits of Lalang. Its flight pattern was rather slow and short. I think we call this little beauty ladybug.
Not far away from the ladybug, there was another small and shiny orange bug (another beetle ?) resting on a leaf. I am not sure what this is. It definitely looks cute enough for me to take a few shots without flash light.

Though the type of vegetation here was quite uniform and there were not many tall trees as I approached the shore line, prominent clusters of yellow flowers still caught my eyes.

This shrub crotalaria mucronata became the centre of my attention for quite awhile

There were quite a few of this moths belonging to the genus Utetheisa  (perhaps Uthetheisa lotrix) in the vicinity of these shrubs.

A few caterpillars like this were found on the plants.
Closer to the entrance, those little creatures found near the Cassia biflora really made my visit a memorable one.

Firstly, this Robber Fly was so cooperative that I could even shift the grass blade slightly to get a green background shot - how I wish I could encounter this kind of luck often.
This planthopper was dead but somehow it still clinched on to a dry leaf. It was found on the ground and I got to place it on a stem for this shot. I love the metallic blue on this beautiful insect. Yet another blue creature, this time a rather acrobatic male Diplacodes trivialis dragonfly (thanks Yong for the id) balancing itself on a dry grass blade.


  1. What gorgeous plants and animals! Thank you for sharing them. Your post is very eye-opening and I always learn a lot from your blog.

  2. Hi Federick,
    The dragonfly is possibly male of Diplacodes Trivialis. Cheers << Yong >>

  3. Ria, thanks for your kind comments. I wish to record and write whatever I can find at this place before it is gone permanently.

    Hi Yong
    Thanks for your id.

  4. nice pic, i like it n happy cny, can u understand mandarin? if u cAN pls leave a comment on my blog,thk

  5. Hi Yoga Tramp

    Thanks for visiting. A Happy and Prosperous CNY to you too.
    Yes, I do understand the Chinese language well. However, I am poor at typing Chinese characters. I will comment on your blog in English.

  6. Hi Federick,

    Please view my blog post about Punggol too if you are interested.