Sunday, May 31, 2015

Butterflies @ Chiang Dao Part 4

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I usually ignore Tailless Line Blue (Prosotas dubiosa indica). But it was an interesting and a rare moment when two of them were "talking to each other"on the ground.
A pair of  Pallid Nawabs (Polyura arja arja) seemed to be dancing when feeding on the damp ground.
When one of them scooted off, I quickly snapped this shot.
The Zebra Blue  (Leptotes plinius)  was abundant this time. We could see them puddling on the ground in big groups. Look at this "Zebra rock", how many Zebra Blues were attracted to it?
A pair of Paris Peacocks  (Papilio paris paris) was "drunk" on the damp gravel ground - they just ignore our presence.
Adamson's Rose (Atrophaneura-adamsoni) seemed to be very common here - I spotted a few of them at different locations at Chiang Dao.
There were at least a couple of the Striped Swordtail Graphium aristeus hermocrates fluttering around and coming down to the ground occasionally. 
This Scarce Tawny Rajahs (Charaxes aristogiton aristogiton) od" on the ground with a group of flies. 
This shot of a solitary Club Beak (Libythea myrrha sanguinalis) was taken on my second day of shooting at Chiang Dao Square. With this, I would like to conclude this series of blog posts on the butterfly species that I had photographed in Chiang Mai.
I really enjoyed the company of  BC friends during this butterfly-photographing trip. Once again, I sincerely thank Antonio for making this trip possible for us. If you are interested in watching or photographing butterflies in Thailand, you can get advice from him via his FB page.


  1. I am green with envy!! The weather here has been much colder than usual meaning that butterfly numbers are low. I would love to see a group of butterflies puddling like those Zebra Blues, and all of the other butterflies are spectacular. I really hope we will be able to holiday in SE Asia one day. I need to find somewhere nice that my wife will want to stay, while I sneak off to look for butterflies!!!

  2. I think you can consider Chiang Mai, in particular Chiang Dao.