Friday, May 22, 2015

Butterflies @ Chiang Dao Part 3

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My first shot of a skipper on 16 March was this Himalayan Forest Darter (Ochlodes brahma). A glimpse of the golden brown forewing was quite distinctive. 
A Golden Ace (Thoressa masoni) appeared on the puddling ground in the early afternoon. 
Before we called it a day at Chiang Dao Square in the late afternoon, I spotted an co-operative Tawny Angle (Ctenoptilum vasava vasava) enjoying its dinner in a shade.
I must thank Chng who drove a few of us to Chiang Dao Square in the early morning of 18 March  to hunt for Awls or other butterflies. True enough, there were three different skippers zipping around which kept us busy for a while.

This Orange-tailed Awl (Bibasis sena) was rather pristine and it had the tendency to come back to the same place to feed.
The Common Orange Awlet (Burara harisa harisa).
This Common Awl (Hasora badra badra) was the most alert and skittish fellow. I got to be very patient, waiting for it to rest on a front wheel of Chng's car. Shortly after this shot, we went back to Nest2 for breakfast - just a 10-minute drive from Chiang Dao Square.
After breakfast, we began another day of shooting at the Chaing Dao Square.A Himalayan Forest Darter (Ochlodes brahma) which liked to puddle on the ground and occasionally opened its wings partially. 
 Its uppersides.
A Tuffed Ace (Sebastonyma pudens ) appeared in the afternoon but it didn't stay on the ground for long.
Thanks to Simon for telling me where this Common White Flat (Gerosis bhagava bhagava) was.
A Grey-Pie Flat (Coladenia laxmi) was zipping around behind a hut but I could not get a shot until it appeared on the damp sandy ground in the late afternoon.

To be continued

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