Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hot Spot for Butterfly Sighting and Photography Part 1

During the first few weekends of October, quite a few of us from the ButterflyCircle (BC) forums gathered at a butterfly hot spot to look for and photograph butterflies in a forested area. I believe the Melastoma fruits there once again attracted the butterflies. 

Let me begin with some lycaenid shots. I was quite lucky to bump into a rather pristine Bifid Plushblue (Flos diardi capeta) on 5 October. This is one of the four Flos species that can be found in Singapore.
It fluttered from one Singapore Rododendron shrub to another. I was rather lucky to be able to get another shot when it perched on the tip of a leaf. There was at least one other Flos species hanging around high on the trees. 
This rather pristine specimen looks like a male Rounded Sixline Blue (Nacaduba berenice icena) according to Dr Seow from BC.  
It displayed another pose on a stem, allowing me to take a few shots of the other side of the wings.
The Acacia Blue (Surendra vivarna amisena) is rather common here - this is one of the better specimen that I have encountered.
Sumatran Gem (Poritia sumatrae sumatrae) always attracted a lot of interest and attention from us - thanks to Simon for alerting us of its presence. This cooperative little beauty didn't make our life difficult - it stayed still and long for most of us to take some shots. 
Arhopala amphimuta amphimuta is a shade-loving species found in forested areas.
My attention was drawn to this strange-looking Arhopala species. I have no idea what this is - it could be an aberration of a known species. 
A male Silverstreak (Iraota rochana boswelliana) was teasing me for a long time before I could snap a shot.
I am not very sure if this is the Slate Flash (Rapala manea chozeba) which appeared only once when I was there on three different occasions.
This Narrow Spark (Sinthusa nasaka amba) was spotted in a deep shade - it took me awhile to get a decent shot. I am not sure why the picture looks "pixelated" here but not on the BC forums.

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