Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Long Hike from Mandai Track 15 to Bukit Panjang

As usual, I look forward to Saturdays. On the last day of August, I decided to go for a long hike starting at Mandai Track 15. Arriving quite early, I went around the training shed to look out for insects and hoped to see if there were any early skippers visiting the Bidens flowers.

Disappointed, I wondered where the Potanthus and Telicota skippers had gone to. At last, I had a small consolation from this sting bug which can be found easily here - it was resting on a blade of grass enjoying the morning sun.
The way it rested on the grass allowed me to snap a shot of its ventral view.
A blue dragonfly presented me with this elegant pose on a twig. I didn't realise it was so difficult to find a good match from my limited resources of dragonfly that I have. With the yellow marking on the third segment of the abdomen, I have no idea what this is.
A slight change of the camera angle produced a very different background colour but the subject wasn't parallel to the camera sensor.
A close-up shot of its compound eyes.
I took my own time, strolling and occasionally side-tracking along the cyclist's trail for a long period of time before bumping into this very active and alert Common Line Blue (Prosotas nora superdates).
At the end of Mandai Track 15, a Grey Pansy (Junonia  atlites atlites) provided me with some fun and excitement of stalking and chasing it.
After that it was a long walk on a gravel path under the hot sun. A beautiful bug or a beetle perhaps caught my attention.
There was a cluster of Common Snakeweed flowers (Stachytarpheta indica) attracting some skippers. This brown skipper which looks like a Contiguous Swift (Polytremis lubricans lubricans) was simply too active and alert for me to take some proper shots.
This might be another specimen of a brown skipper but I can't  be sure what species it might be.
Though I didn't take many photographs, the long hike was a good exercise for me. After a good lunch at Bangkit Road around 1:30 pm, I boarded bus 171 heading to Bah Soon Pah road for my next round of activity. I really enjoy every Saturday as it keeps me busy and enriches my life.

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