Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skippers of Langkawi

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Awls belong to the subfamily Coeliadinae of the larger Hesperiidae (skippers) family. They usually like to flit and feed on  concrete surfaces in the early morning. True enough, this Orange Tailed Awl (Bibasis sena uniformis)  kept teasing me near a hunt. It finally settled on a stone looking for something nice to feed on.
It is not difficult to identify this skipper when it was performing a leaping flight in response to the camera flash light.
A pristine Yellow Banded Awl (Hasora schoenherr chuza) was zipping around the toilet at the Seven Well Waterfall in the early morning. Thus fellow never gave me a good chance to take a proper shot.
A small white spot on the hindwing of this Chocolate Demon (Ancistroides nigrita) puzzled me a bit.
Here is another different specimen.
This light brown small skipper with a pair of short antennae is likely to be Parnara bada.  
Here is another similar skipper which was shot in a shady part of a forest trail in Lubuk Semilang - I guess they are the same species.
A Banded Demon (Notocrypta paralysos varians) perched at a sunlit spot along a forest trail.
We didn't get to see many skippers in this trip but seeing and taking a few shots of this most beautiful and spectacular skipper, a female Pirdana  hyela  at Datai really made this trip to Langkawi very worthwhile.
Once again, many thanks to CH for booking the flight and the hotel for us early. Thanks Mr Teo for your selfless sharing of your knowledge of butterflies with us - also, a big thank you for saving me from getting into a big trouble on the day when we were at the Seven Well Waterfall. I hope I have the privilege and honour to travel with you guys to Langkawi again this year.         

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