Sunday, November 4, 2012

From Bukit Brown to Lornie Trail

Once again I dropped by Bukit Brown to look for the newly discovered Banded Line Blue (Prosotas lutea sivoka) in the early morning of 28 Oct. I did encounter one but it was too skittish for me to take any shot.

Strolling along the dirt tracks towards the main gate, I met a contingent of horse riders passing me by. Again, I failed to find any interesting subjects for photographing along the tracks. 

I went over to Lornie Trail (LT). A few big and attractive Passiflora flowers attracted my attention near the boardwalk.
Perhaps due to the dame soil, I encountered quite a few wild fungi today. I like this filmsy and delicate very much.
A cluster of white fungi growing on a decayed tree trunk was simply outstanding in the shade - not sure if they would glow in the dark.
Another type of fungi were sprouting out from the ground.
As usual, the Mile-a-Minute flowers attracted a few butterflies - one of them was this Chocolate Grass Yellow (Eurema sari sodalis). 
The Common Lascar (Pantoporia hordonia hordonia) came down to feed also.
With the white spots shown in space 2, 3 and 6,  the brown skipper  looks like a Formosan  Swift (Borbo cinnara)
This must be a larva of a moth. Hanging itself on a thin thread from a tree, it was seen struggling to move upwards. A sequence of two quick shots show that it curled its body while moving upwards.

As the activities at the Mile-a-Minute location were rather disappointing, I took a slow walk along the quiet forest trail towards another spot at the reservoir edge where I usually could find one of the smallest dragonflies - Nannophya pygmaea. There were a few males but not a single female was sighted. 
At the newly constructed hut, a rather pristine but skittish male Cruiser (Vindula dejone erotella) was searching for a puddling spot.

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