Monday, November 26, 2012

A Quiet Walk Along Mandai Park Connector

On a rather hot Saturday morning (17 Nov) I was strolling along Mandai Park Connector and Mandai Track 15. The weather was perfect for photography but I just could not find anything interesting for a shot.

At last I saw some moth larvae feeding on a Leea indica leaf. You should notice that these early instar larvae didn't consume the whole leaf..
My first sighting of this interesting-looking fly with a long tail. What kind of fly is this ?
There were quiet a number of dragonflies hovering in the air or resting on leaves. I am very poor at identifying a dragonfly species especially if it is a female or a juvenile.
I was delighted to see at least four or five Grey Pansies (Junonia atlites atlites) flitting around and feeding on the Bidens flowers outside a protected area. Under the hot sun, they were extremely skittish and alert to my presence. However, with great patience of waiting for them to feed in front of me, I managed to snap a few instinctive shots. 
On my way back to the starting point, I noticed a large and  red-eyed shipper resting on a leaf.  A shade-loving skipper, this Coconut Skipper (Hidari irava) changed perch a few times but every perch was not ideal for a good shot. 
This was another perch on a tree trunk.
I believe this is the Yellow Grass Dart (Taractrocera archias archias) - a common species that can be found  in a grassland habitat along the forest fringe.   
I noticed that the end point of  Mandai Track 15 in fact connects to a mountain biking trail that should lead us to Gangsa Loop and Bukit Timah Nature Reserves. Perhaps, I should trek beyond Track 15 next time.   

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