Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making A New Friend @ USR

It was a cloudy Saturday morning on 13 Oct. Despite the unfavourable weather for outing and nature photography, I headed to Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR) Park. Indeed, the forest trails were exceptionally quiet and calm.

Along a patch of overgrown grasses along the forest fringe, I took a shot of this very docile grasshopper as there was nothing else could attract my attention.        
For a long period of time, I was just strolling on the forest trails alone without touching the camera shuttle. I came back to the shelters and while I was about to leave for Mandai Track 15, this female Hoary Palmer (Unkana ambasa batara) suddenly appeared,  zipping around and feeding on the Ixora flowers.
A very alert and active skipper, she made me work hard, tracking and chasing her around the shelters. While I was almost giving up of her, CH came with a Taiwanese friend who was a teacher on a study trip to Singapore but took time off on a cloudy Saturday to photograph our tropical butterflies. 

While CH brought his friend exploring USR I stayed in the shelter, waiting for the Hoary Palmer to appear again. A male Great Helen (Papilio iswara iswara) came instead and settled on a low perch for a few seconds before he fluttered off.  

I went behind the toilet. A lonely brown skipper which looks like a Contiguous Swift (Polytremis lubricans lubricans)  was resting on a leaf.
I have not been shooting any dragonfly for a long time. I found this fellow very tame and decided to take a few shots. It looks like a juvenile dragonfly but which species is this ?
It started to rain after I had shot this little beauty. Due to bad weather, we had to leave USR for an early  lunch at our usual food stall  before we headed to the Butterfly Lodge (BL). Thanks CH for introducing Mr 呂晟智 to me. Three of us had a long chat at BL after our guest had taken some shots of our local butterfly species in BL. I realised that Mr 呂 is a very experienced and knowledgeable butterfly enthusiast and photographer. Mr 呂, thanks for giving us your butterfly book and we look forward to meeting you again.         

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