Thursday, August 9, 2012

Archdukes @ USR

I could not join a group of  ButterflyCircle  members carrying out a butterfly survey at the zoo on 28 July. However, I did manage to find time for my weekly outing at Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR)  Park  later in the morning. 

My first shot of the monring was a rather old Green Imperial (Manto hypoleuca terana) - thanks to Yi Kai for  telling me that it was hanging out at the Ixora bushes when I met him along the forest trail. 
The forest understory is the preferred habitat of the Common Faun (Faunis canens arcesilas). A common forest species, Common Faun usually can be spotted flitting and puddling along the forest trail.   
I encountered a few Archdukes feeding on leaf  litter on the forest ground. They were fast on the wings, alert and scooted off whenever I approached them closer. Knowing their behaviour, I patiently stood still and waited for them to land on the ground again.  Yes, they returned to the same spots, giving me chances to snap a few quick shots. Getting some shots of  a pair of pristine Black Tipped Archduke (Lexias dirtea merguia) really made my day.  
Of the three Lexias species we can find here, The Archduke ( Lexias pardalis dirteana) is the most abundant in our forest - the orange antennae tips differentiate this species from the other two lookalikes.   Unfortunately they were not at their best appearance.    
Many of us have not shot or seen a Yellow Archduke (L. canescens pardalina) for a very long time. I hope, it will show up in the near future. 

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  1. Hi federick,

    Yellow arcdukes are there too. Spot them sometimes but never many, always single specimens.