Friday, July 27, 2012

A Quiet Day at Lower Pierce Reservoir Park

It was a sunny and hot Saturday morning on 22 July. After getting some work done at home, I decided to have my early lunch at Casurina Road before dropping by at Lower Pierce Reservoir (LPR) Park. It was rather quiet throughout the whole morning. The only good catch of the day was this Common Awl (Hasora badra badra. As usual, it hid below a leaf so getting a good shot was always a challenge.
Not far away from this Awl, a robber fly was resting on a Fish Tail Palm leaf.
The next moment, I noticed that a white flimsy object appeared in front of its month, what is this ?
This is a dorsal view of the robber fly.
A Chequered Lancer (Plastingia naga) was zipping around. After checking a few leaves, she finally laid this tiny reddish hemispherical egg on a leaf surface of a Fish Tail Palm (Caryota mitis). She disappeared out of my sight completely once she laid this single egg.
A common forest denizen, The Branded Imperial (Eooxylides tharis distanti is a long-tailed Lycaenid which tends to "hop" from perch to perch.
There were quite a few Common Five Rings (Ypthima baldus newboldi) feeding on some very small white flowers. The sky suddenly turned cloudy and it was rather windy when these shots were taken.
Another Common Five Ring was feeding on another cluster of flowers.
A large cluster of wild mushrooms was found on a rotten wood along the boardwalk.
More than a week from home made me long for the fresh air and the tranquility our forests would bestow us. I really enjoyed strolling in the forest, listening to the different forest symphonies and taking pictures in a natural environment surrounded by lush greenery and the reservoir.

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