Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chestnut Avenue On Polling Day 7 May 2011

After voting, I decided to drop by Zhenghua Park and Chestnut area on a very hot Saturday morning. I didn't get a chance to press the shutter for a long period of time until I saw this strikingly-coloured net-winged beetle.
A kind of spiny spider, it was resting or perhaps waiting patiently for its preys in its webs.
This is another shot from a different angle - the lighting was so harsh that I didn't get the correct exposure initially.
This Assassin bug is rather common - it was feeling the heat as well, decided to perch and rest.
I could feel my body was dehydrated under the menace of the scorching sun and the heat wave. I succumbed and decided to take cover under a big tree. Met a couple of cyclists asking for direction, I could sense that more people these days were taking up cycling as a hobby.

Finally, this Common Caerulean (Jamides celeno aelianus) was kind enough to pose for me - a consolation shot for me.
The weather is getting hotter when it is hot. Slowly and surely, we will begin to feel and see the effect of the climate change - are we prepared for it ?

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