Friday, May 6, 2011

Along Old Upper Thomson Road Part 1

I guess not many young Singaporeans are aware that Old Upper Thomson road was once the venue for the annual Singapore Grand Prix usually held over the Easter weekend from the early 60s t0 1973. When I was a school boy, I remember I would clue to a radio listening to the live commentary of this event. A very good account of this event can be found in this blog and some highlights of the 1966 Grand Prix was captured in this Youtube video.

On 30 April after lunch at the Prata shop at Casuarina Road, I decided to stroll on this stretch of the old Grand Prix circuit like what the driver did in this video - not that I want to bring back the nostalgia of the racing event but more for macro-photography.

The first critter I encountered at the starting point of the road was a female Horsfield's Baron (Tanaecia iapis puseda) feeding on the fruit of Simpoh (Dillenia suffruticosa) .
Noticing that she flapped her wings gradually, I changed my shooting angle and captured her underside wings.
Just a few metres down the road, a Lantana bush attracted a solitary Blue-banded bee (Amegilla species). I had to be very patient and focused to snap this shot.
This Fluffy Tit (Zeltus amasa maximinianus) hopped and stopped next to the Upper Peirce Reservoir gate. One of those long-tailed lycaenids, it is the distinctive black spot on the hindwing that identifies this species easily.
I noticed there were at least 3 or 4 species of dragonfly darting to-and-fro in front of me. This beautiful female (Lathrecista asiatica) was rather lethargic and tame.
I decided to take a close-up shot of her head.
Another female dragonfly, Cratilla metallica is rather common in our nature reserve.
Next moment, I noticed this wasp doing exercise on a leaf - it was stretching its hind legs.
After exercising its legs, it decided to rest - a good chance for me to take a proper shot.
In my next post, I will feature some caterpillars that I found along this long and winding road. I must appeal to all drivers that please don't speed on this road - not only would you endanger cyclists, joggers as well as hikers and nature lovers like me, you may kill yourself. Next time I shall record the car plate number or take a photo of any car that speeding past me like a bullet.

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