Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lornie Trail On 5 Feb

It was the 3rd day (5 Feb) of the Golden Rabbit Year. Shortly after my visit to the temple in the early morning, I went to the Lornie Trail for some fresh air and hoping to burn off some excess calories accumulated over the first two days of a new lunar year.

At the exercise corner along the trail, I saw this Mycalesis species feeding on a bench. There are at least four different look-alike Mycalesis species here so I can't be sure of its identification.
Next, I saw this weird creature - is this a cocoon or something else ?

This small Lauxaniid fly (?) was feeding on some smudged bird dropping on a leaf surface. It never stayed still, so a lot of patience and luck were required to get a decent shot.
Walking towards the reservoir edge, I encountered this paper wasp wandering on the fruits of a forest plant.
There were not many insects feeding on the Mile-a-minute flowers this time. A familiar orange skipper came to enjoy its nectar meal provided by the flowers. It looks like a Lesser Dart (Potanthus omaha omaha).
It had the tendency to open its wings after it has settled on its perch. Here is a shot of its forewing.
I didn't see many butterflies though the flowers were abundant - this is another hard-to-identify Nacaduba species.
Lastly, a Common Snow Flat (Tagiades japetus atticus) came out to say goodbye to me while I was on my way out to the main road.

A relatively quiet day at Lornie Trail, but I still enjoyed the tranquility this forest trail has been offering me.

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