Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Short Afternoon Trip To Upper Seletar Reservoir

A short outing to the Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR) Park on an overcast Saturday afternoon didn't present me many opportunities to shoot.

A few Singapore Rhododendron (Melastoma malabathricum) shrubs were growing at this particular spot near the reservoir. I noticed a few wasps each with broad yellow strips on its abdomen feeding on the flowers. This wasp is likely a Parapoly biavaria (Vespidae: Polistinae) which was identified by John .
Not very far away from the wasp, a female Horsfield's Baron (Thaumantis klugius lucipor should be Tanaecia iapis puseda, thanks Khew) was feeding on a dry and fermented fruit of another Singapore Rhododendron shrub. This particular shot was taken from far while she was flapping her wings shortly after she perched on the fruit.
I approached closer and took a few shots while she was spreading her wings wide open on the same perch.
I met this Dark Blue Jungle Glory (Thaumantis klugius lucipor ) resting in a shade. Compared to year 2009, I have seen and shot this species more often this year.


  1. Fed, the scientific name of Horsfield's Baron in your post above is incorrect. You must've been thinking of the 2nd species that you saw. ;)

  2. Thanks, Khew. Yes, what an obvious careless mistake. Mind not working properly after the Panti trip.