Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Other Insects @ Panti Forest

Please read my previous post here if you want to know the full story.

The number of butterfly species was not as many as I had expected - so I had time to shoot other insects whenever they came into my sights.

This must be the best camouflaged cricket I have seen - it was as still as a dead insect. I am so proud of myself being able to spot it.
This dragonfly looks like a male Cratilla metallica which was rather abundant around the base-camp. A common species in Singapore as well,
This blue critter looks like a wasp to me or is it a fly ? A very energetic fellow which moved on the foliage constantly resulting in this not well-taken shot.
A very prominent brick-red net-winged beetle was found foraging on a leaf. This is a typical example of how aposematic colour is being used to warn predators that it is unpalatable or even toxic to be consumed.
A pair of long and serrated antennae with a triangular-shaped head and conspicuous colours are some of the distinctive characteristics of a net-winged beetle. It was about to show me how it overcame the gap and went over to another leaf.
This may be a Scolid wasp with a pair of short antennae, getting ready to take a leap from the edge of the leaf.
This rather small female dragonfly was my last shot of the day before the thunder storm at around 4 pm.
I shall end my post with these three very small and cute tortoise beetles scrambling together - what were they doing ?
The loser had to go away !
Once again, I must thank the drivers Sunny, Chng and Cher Hern who were so generously providing us transport for this trip - we owe them a good lunch.

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