Saturday, April 24, 2010

Uninteresting Old Tree Trunks ?

I usually didn't bother to look at a tree trunk, especially those old ones covered with dull and unattractive tree bark.

I remembered this critter flew past me and landed on a tree trunk in front of me during one of my outings many weeks ago. Out of curiosity, I took a closer look and noticed it was a moth, very well-camouflaged and blended almost perfectly with the tree bark. Since then, whenever I bumped into an old tree trunk with dull and unattractive bark, I would spend a few more seconds examining the tree trunk. I have begun to discover that there are interesting creatures living on tree trunks.

I guess this is a kind of Darkling beetle (Strongylium gratum ?) which was found on a tree trunk covered with lichen on the summit of the Bukit Timah hill.
This pupa was found hanging on an old tree trunk along a forest trail in the nature reserve. I am clueless about its identity though it looks like a moth pupa. This hairy moth larva caught my attention when it was scurrying on a old and big tree trunk.This is a definitely a cicada (Purana nebulilinea ?). So far I have not seen a cicada resting on foliage. We always could hear its high-pitching noise in the forest but finding one is not that easy as it is very well camouflaged with tree bark or usually hiding high up on the tree.
I think this is a kind of toad grasshopper. The texture and colour of the tree bark conceal the presence of this little creature so well that any predator could miss it completely.
So next time when you come across an old big tree covered with blackish and dull bark, slow down and take a look because you may discover something you have not seen before.

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