Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Short Outing to Dairy Farm Natue Park

I dropped by Dairy Farm Nature Park Last Saturday (3 Apr) morning. My first impression was that it was not crowded at all. The number of visitors seemed to decline compared to few months ago when it was just opened.

I stumbled onto a Digger Wasp (John has identified this a spider-hunting wasp (Pompilid) on the trail leading to the Bukit Timah summit. I was too slow to capture the action of the wasp ragging a rather huge spider into its burrow. It happened so fast that I could only snap one shot. I moved the dead leaves away and I waited for the wasp to appear again. Before it emerged fully from the hole, it cautiously protruding out its head to check the surrounding. Now, it was completely out of the burrow.Strange that it decided to go into the hole again. I quickly restored the dead leaves back to their original spots and went down hill to take a slow walk along the main tarred road. Usually I would ignore this common cricket, However, the way it perched on a flower of the African Spiral Flag (Costus lucanusianus) caught my attention. I spotted some ants moving on the Macaranga plant. I was trying very hard to isolate and freeze one of them. Wow, so many "shells" on the stem and the ant was like walking on some pebbles.
I suspect (not fully sure) this may be Miletus symethus petronius , a rather rare Miletus species that I may not have shot it before. This orange skipper which looks like a Palm Dart (Telicota augias augias) was resting in the shade.

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