Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Upper Seletar Reservoir 21 Dec 2008

USR (Upper Seletar Reservoir Park) has been one of my favourite hunting grounds for butterflies. In my many previous outings to the park, I have encountered quite a number of rare species of butterfly there.

This is definitely a larva of a moth species feeding on a leaf of Clidemia hirta.
Near the reservoir edge, a Flantid planthopper was seen resting on the ground - not an usual behaviour as I often spotted them on plants.

I suppose this is a species of Robberfly feeding on its prey. It stayed in this position in a shade for more than 10 minutes. With strong wind blowing and a poor ambient light, these photos had to be taken at a low speed and high ISO.
A mating pair of some kind of Robberfly (?) was spotted near the entrance to the first trail.
This damselfly is rather common, a permanent resident of USR. Take a closer look at plants near the drain, you can easily spot them resting on the tip of the leaf. They tend to perch on the same position again after they have been distured. I had no luck for more butterfly shots today. Only two decent shots were taken on this female Knight (Lebadea martha parkeri ).

Other not-so-common butterfly species spotted :
1. Thaumantis klugius lucipor (Dark Blue Jungle Glory)
Elymnias panthera panthera (Tawny Palmfly)

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