Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mount Faber Park 12 Dec 2008

This was my very first time taking the The Marang Trail located behind the Harbourfront MRT Station up to Mount Faber Park. An easy and shady trail with gravel and wooden staircases that took me less than 30 minutes to reach the park - much faster than before.
Along the way, I spotted a few late instar Polyura hebe plautus (Plain Nawab) caterpillars feeding on the leaves of Adenanthera pavonina (Saga Tree).At least 3 or 4 male Abisara saturata kausambioides (Malayan Plum Judy) butterflies were flying around but only one female indivual was spotted. A couple of Spalgis epius epius (Apefly) were seen fluttering erratically among a hedge of shrubs. Once a while, they would settle down on a perch and allow you take pictures of them.

I was lucky to be able to take a few shots on a rather rare skipper Halpe ormenes vilasina (Dark Banded Ace) just before I left MF.

Some other butterfly species sighted were :

1. Doleschallia bisaltide australis (Autumn Leaf)
Hypolimnas bolina jacintha (Jacintha Eggfly)
Anthene emolus goberus (Ciliate Blue)
Lebadea martha parkeri (Knight)

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