Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Butterflies of Northern Thailand Part 3 (Riodinids)

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Butterflies in the Riodonidae family were classified as a subfamily of Lycaenidae previously. However, it has since been upgraded to the family level. Butterflies in this family are generally called Metalmarks.

Based on the book Butterflies of Thailand (2nd Edition) published  by Pisuth, there are 7 Dodona species in Thailand. We managed to shoot two of them in this trip.

The Lesser Punch (Dodona dipoea dracon) was found at  Mae Kampong. I noticed that the road leading to our first shooting site was full of cars and tourists this time.
The same specimen presented to me with a different perch. Other than this Punch, there were very few butterflies at our first shooting site. So this guy kept me busy for some time.
It was partially blocked by some leaves when it opened its wings for sunbathing.
The Orange Punch (Dodona egeon egeon) seemed to be quite common at Doi Suthep. This species appeared on two days when we were there.

Another specimen
An upperside shot of the Orange Punch - now I understand why the common name was Orange Punch. 
A very common species in Chiang Mai, the Dark Judy (Abisara fylla fylla) is rather large compared with other Judies. 
It had the tendency to open its wings partially when it perched -  a common hebaviour that quite a few other Abisara species show too.
 To be continued

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