Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Highest Point on Pulau Ubin

On a fine Saturday morning on 18 July, I arrived at the hawker centre at Changi Village early for a cup of coffee and  before heading towards Pulau Ubin.  

A very hairy moth larva was feeding on a leaf of a Crotoloria pea at the foot of the Butterfly Hill.
I decided to wander along the seaside at a camp site this time - the breeze was really refreshing. Walking up a gentle slope, I was attracted by a yellow leaf beetle foraging on a leaf.
This was my first encounter of  a lacewing fly on Pulau Ubin. A soft-bodied insect with four membranous wings, Lacewing fly is rather rare to me as I hardly encountered one in the field.
After spending some time at the Butterfly Hill on a rather quiet morning, I made my way towards the western side of the island. 

Standing at 74m above the sea level, the Bukit Puaka is the highest point on Pulau Ubin. With a skipper in mind, I walked up the hill. At the hilltop, a colony of Malayan Plum Judy (Abisara saturata kausamboides) kept me busy for a while.

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