Saturday, February 7, 2015

More Butterflies at Ubin

After two lousy weekend outings to our nature reserve (see last post), I decided to go to Pulau Ubin on a fine Saturday morning (24 Jan). It wasn't a crowded day compared to my last few outings to Ubin.

For a change, Butterfly Hill wasn't in my mind. Instead, I went to the Sensory Trail first. I made the right choice this time as at least two male Barons (Euthalia aconthea gurda) were there welcoming me. Though they were rather alert and active flying around,  the short perches between flights allowed me to snap a few shots  of  one of them while it was puddling on grasses.
According to Dr Seow from ButterflyCircle, this is a female White Tipped Skipper (Erionota hiraca apicalis). It was zipping back-and-fro in a very shady part of the trail.
At a sunlit spot, I noticed a sunbathing dark brown skipper. I approached it closer and snapped a quick shot  - it was a Banded Demon (Notocrypta paralysos varians). 
Another brown skipper was resting quietly on a leaf  - this is likely to be a Caltoris comasa. 
It was a surprise encounter when this Flycatcher (?) perched right in front of me while I was strolling slowly towards the Butterfly Hill. Instinctively, I snapped a few shots. 
It seemed to notice my presence and gave me a fierce stare.
I finally arrived at the Butterfly Hill in the late morning. Apart from the usual butterflies, I didn't encounter any special species. At least this slightly deformed Plain Plushblue (Flos apidanus saturatus) kept me busy for a while.
I saw this wasp trying to balance itself on a dry climbing stem. What an interesting behaviour.