Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trekking From USR Park to Bukit Panjang

On 9 Nov, my initial intention was just taking a leisure walk and hopefully shooting some butterflies at the Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR) Park but it turned out to be a long but enjoyable trekking through the forest.

Morning critters seemed to be either over-sleeping or already deserting this part of the forest. For a long period of time, I didn't have a chance to increase  my shutter count until I saw a planthopper resting on an overhead leaf lethargically.
At the L-trail, I noticed a moth from the Callidulidae family flitting in the undergrowth. I followed its flight path and snapped a record shot. Unlike many other moths, moths from this family usually perch with folded wings.
I explored the reservoir edge. At one particular location deep inside the forest, I spotted quite a number of damselflies - one of them was the male Prodasineura humeralis (?).
This guy kept hovering above the water but a bit far from me. Nevertheless, it enticed me taking some long-distance in-flight shots.
My GPS on my Note 4 indicated I was in a non-man's land inside the forest. I decided to turn around and head towards the main trail. 

At the Yellow Archduke's location, I saw a couple of them chasing each other but I just could not snap any shot. Instead, a female L. pardalis dirteana was cooperative enough for me to move in closer - but I wasn't very keen shooting this species.
Strolling forward slowly, I came to the highest point in the forest. After taking a short break on some big rocks, I decided for a change this time, going towards Bukit Panjang, at least another 3km to cover!

I bumped into a few Saturns (Zeuxidia amethystus amethystus) along the way. This guy was puddling on the dirt trail but it took off rapidly when I made just one step closer. Luckily, it landed on a dry leaf for a few seconds.
I had a reason to show this lousy specimen of the Purple Bush Brown (Mycalesis orseis nautilus) because it is an uncommon forest species which I have not shot it for many years. 
In terms of number of shots taken, it was a disappointing day. However, I still enjoyed the fresh air, the walking and sometimes the excitement of overcoming unexpected obstacles along the forest trails.

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