Sunday, November 23, 2014

Butterfly Paradise @ Chiang Dao Part 6

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The Plain Puffin (Appias indra) was the only white pierid butterfly amongst the puddlers. Seeing a rare occasion when it was not obstructed by other puddling butterfleis, I quickly took a few shots.
Compared with last November,  there were a lot fewer Delias species at Chaing Dao this time. The Hill Jezebel (Delias belladonna hedybia) puddled on the ground for a long time.
The Red breast Jezebel (Delias acalis pyramus) was another Delias species staying on the ground, giving everyone a chance to take some shots. 
You should notice the Red-based Jezebel (D. pasithoe pasithoe) and the Red-breast Jezebel are very similar. 
According to Dr Seow this Miletus is likely a female Common Brownie (M. chinensis learchus). It fluttered for a long period of time before making a short perch on a twig.   
As I wasn't sure of  this Blue in the field, I decided to take a few shots. It turned out to be the Pointed Line Blue (Ionolyce helicon merguiana), a species that we have in Singapore.
I just could not get an upperside shot of the Circle (Hestina nama nama) even though I stalked close to it.  
The Dark Blue Tiger (Tirumala septentrionis septentrionis) came down to puddle in the afternoon on our second visit to Chiang Dao.

The Common Cruiser (Vindula erota erota) we saw here is very similar to what we could find in Singapore. However, I noticed that the ground colour of the undersides seems a lot more darker. 
I have posted quite a number of butterflies from Chiang Mai in this blog. I should take a break now and showcase some butterflies from Singapore in my next post.  

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  1. What an amazing variety of butterflies you saw in Chiang Mai. Have you counted up how many species yet? I would so love to visit somewhere like that, particularly during our cold butterfly-less winters!