Monday, September 1, 2014

Lotus Flowers @ Pulau Ubin

A last minute decision on a fine Saturday morning (24 Aug) brought me to Pulau Ubin. The jetty was crowded with different groups of people. Over the years, I have noticed that more people visited the island on weekends to cycle, hike and enjoy the peaceful "kampong" life style.  

I found a few Lesser Darkwings (Allotinus unicolor unicolor) at the same shady spot on my way to the Butterfly Hill.
At the Butterfly Hill, there were a few Euploea butterflies visiting flowers for their food supply. This was a female Spotted Black Crow (Euploea crameri bremeri).
A solitary Striped Black Crow (Euploea eyndhovii gardineri) loved to enjoy its food high on some flowers of the String Bush. A long-distance shot was my only reward for being patiently waiting for it to come down.
A small lycaenid flitting with a rather erratic flight pattern, the Apefly (Spalgis epius epius) is an interesting butterfly as its larvae are carnivorous. 
I usually would not chase a Line Butterfly (Papilio demoleus malayanus) as it is too fast and alert for me to snap a shot. I was lucky to encounter a lethargic one, resting on a leaf long enough for me to take a few shots.
A Common Mime (Chilasa clytia clytia) was attracted by some wild Lanta flowers. Getting a shot was a bonus for me as it was energetic and kept changing its perch and flapping its wings.
Taking a slow walk through the Sensory Trail was my usual route whenever I visited Ubin. I passed by a pond where the lotus flowers were in blooms. Cyclists and hikers alike were attracted by many of these magnificent and showy aquatic flowers. I was no exception.
The Sensory Trail was rather quiet and there were very few photographic opportunities. This skittish Parak Lascar (Pantoporia paraka paraka) was my only butterfly shot along the trail. 
Perhaps searching for food, this rather large wasp was found on damp soil. I have no idea what this wasp is.
What a beautiful Ginger flower at the foot of the butterfly hill - how could I not capture it !

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