Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Quiet Morning @ Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

A late morning outing to Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR) Park on 21 June begun with a shot of this beautiful Tiger moth along the first trail.
It was a rather quiet morning. So when I found a mating pair of a Ring butterfly, I didn't give up chasing them. The six ocelli on the hindwing confused me. They were identified by Dr Seow to be a Malayan Five Ring (Ypthima horsfieldii humei) .
It was a very quiet morning. So I just took anything that cross my sight. This is a robberfly.
The Acacia Blue (Surendra vivarna amisena) is a common butterfly which can be found in forested areas or along forest fringes. I was rather lucky to find this solitary specimen on a perch behind a leaf 
The Grey Sailor (Neptis leucoporos cresina) is another common forest denizen. Very sensitive of slight movement, it took off  several times whenever I went closer towards it. This was one of the shots when it landed in front of me lasting a few seconds.
Here is another moth.

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