Sunday, May 18, 2014

Courting Dance by a Male Common Birdwing

The Saturday morning on 26 April was ideal for an outing. I decided to make a trip to Pulau Ubin - one of the best "wild" places in terms of  natural greenery and biodiversity in Singapore for nature photographers, trekkers and cyclists. 

While en route to the Butterfly Hill, I detoured to check out compounds around the temple. I saw quite a few Lesser Darkwing (Allotinus unicolor unicolor) flitting aimlessly and perching intermittently at a shady and mosquitoes-infested spot.
As usual, I stayed put at the Butterfly Hill for quite sometime, looking around for "visitors'. Perhaps due to the frequent rainy days in the preceding weeks, many unwelcome "visitors"- the mosquitoes were out in strength buzzing around  and attacking us - me and three RGS students who were Nparks volunteers doing gardening work there.   

Walking down a slope, this Flos apidanus aturatus (Plain Plushblue) crossed my sight when it was on a high perch. 
A warm and sunny morning engergised many butterflies to put up a very dynamic "flying-flowers show" around some flowering trees.  But there were some static and less active butterflies enjoyed their own quiet moment. Together with a few Glassy Tiger butterflies, this Spotted Black Crow (Eupolea crameri bremeri) was feeding on some dry leaves and fruits.  
  This Coconut Skipper (Hidari irava) was spotted at a shady spot along the Sensory Trail. 
Usually, I would give up shooting Bush Brown butterflies if they were not cooperative. However, this pair of Dark Brand Bush Brown (Mycalesis mineus macromalayana) appeared to be lethargic which remained in this position for awhile. 
When I went back to the Butterfly Hill again from the Sensory Trail, I was entertained by a male Common Birdwing (Troides helena cerberus) performing "courting dance" surrounding a female but the female appeared to be uninterested and  indifferent to her "suitor".              

Many shots were take from far and  most of them were blur - I should have taken video instead of trying to capture them in pictures.

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